Nightmare Nara

Nightmare Nara is an action, sci-fi short film that my collaborators and I have been developing for quite a while. We decided that now is the time to make the magic happen, and we wanted to we invite you all to be a part of making this film happen. Because of this, we created an IndieGoGo campaign, which so many people supported, such that we SUCCESSFULLY completed our campaign back in August! You can still find that campaign HERE if you’re interested in seeing what our campaign was like. And if you’d like to keep up with the film, see the new teasers/behind-the-scenes featurettes, view photos, and learn more you can find our OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE. We're very excited to bring this film to life, and we’ve loved having many of you join our team in doing so! Let's continue to have fun and make some magic! :D


Check out our official movie website at